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We are a transport company that offers service all over europe in freighting your goods of all sorts from once place to the other no matter for private or commercial purpose.
Furthermore you can request a customized offer without paying any extra charge for.
So have a look at our homepage and if any questions arise, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail or phone call.

A team for all seasons

The transport company KSservices exists in Ratingen, Germany since 2011.
We are a young and qualified team that is well known for its cheap prices and being on schedule.
We’d like to mention that our emphasis is not on being the biggest, but the most punctual and customer-friendly company.
We are looking forward to working with and for you!

All services in a nutshell

  • Consultation, planning and completion
  • in-house moving
  • private moving
  • office moving
  • storaging
  • furniture and IT transport
  • disassembly, packing, loading and transporting
  • insured moving*


Our carpool consists a diversity of different vehicles matching any transport occasion.
Pictures coming soon.
In the meantime we are also able to storage your goods to be conveyed in some of our stockrooms.

Insured moving?
If any damage accrues!

  1. legal basic cover
  2. legal basic cover with a declared value
The transport insurance

1) according to the legal basic cover the goods to be conveyed have to be insured depending on their size. This means the shipping volume in m³ has to be multiplied by the factor 620€. So the at most insured sum is composed of 620€ per m³ shipping volume.
2) One expands the legal basic cover to a certain previously covenant amount matching the move. This typ of insurance is billable.
3) One receives extra insurance benefits by getting the goods to be conveyed insured depending on their value. This type of insurance is also billable.
We suggest our customers to procure the insurance no. 3. Please turn to us for more advise.

Request offer

We seek to please your wishes and be as flexible and quick as possible.
Replying to your inquiry takes a maximum of three days.
Please click on ‘request individual offer’ in the right top corner to fill in the form of request.



+49 02102 – 53 00 247+49 176 – 102 47 194   Berliner Str. 49, 40880 Ratingen